Learn to cook in your own kitchen. In each lesson you'll prepare a meal for two while learning essential cooking skills.


TECHNIQUES That Save you time

All lessons come with deep-dive videos explaining each technique in detail. The 3 lessons will get you up-to-speed on basic cooking skills so you'll become comfortable executing most recipes on the Internet.



Lesson Plan

Lesson 1
Pasta Bolognese + Asparagus Gratin

Knife skills
Blanching & Shocking

Lesson 2
BRAISED CHICKEN + Sauté Asparagus



Vinaigrette making
Broth making
Pantry management



Instructor: Eric Galley

Eric studied classic Italian culinary arts in the region of Liguria, Italy. After his study, he worked in the kitchen of Michelin-starred chef Flavio Costa. Prior to joining Chefnote, he was the Lead Culinary Instructor at Sur La Table, where he worked with students of all skill levels. Eric wants to help everyone cook healthful, affordable, and delicious meals. 



Eat Healthy Food & Save Money

Cooking gives you full control over the ingredients and nutrients you consume. It's also much more economical than dining out. On average, people who switch from dining out to cooking at home saves $4780 per year.



Pick Your Lesson Time

After placing your order, we'll reach out to arrange the best delivery time for you. The ingredients will stay fresh for 7-10 days so you can take your lessons whenever you'd like.



Everything you need To Get started

Lessons + Cookware Set

This kit includes a carefully selected starter set and access to the Lesson 1 to 3 videos/recipes through our mobile app.

This starter set comes with:
• 10-inch non-stick skillet
• 8-inch non-stick skillet
• 5-quart covered dutch oven
• 2-quart covered saucepan
• 1-quart covered saucepan
• Spoons & spatulas

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Lessons + Ingredient Kit

The kit includes ingredients needed for Lesson 1 to 3 and access to the videos/recipes through our mobile app. Makes 6 generous servings ($9.99/serving).

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Knife Set + Cutting Board

Knives are the one thing you really need to invest for your kitchen. That's why Chefnote only offers top-of-the-line Wüsthof knives made in Germany.

• 8" chef's knife
• 8" serrated bread knife
• 3.5" paring knife
• 15x9.5 cutting board

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Advanced Lessons coming soon